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PAS 56: Guide to Business Continuity Management

PAS 56 is the first step in the process towards a standard for business continuity provision and aims to set our guidelines for best practice, to help businesses improve business continuity planning and management. It was published by BSI (British Standards Institution) in association with the BCI and Insight Consulting. Influenced by the BCI Good Practice Guidelines, the BSI PAS 56 Guide to Business Continuity Management describes the activities and outcomes involved in establishing a BCM process and provide recommendations for good practice.

The main aim of PAS 56 is to:

  • define the process, principles and terminology of business continuity management;
  • provide a generic framework for incident anticipation and response;
  • describe evaluation techniques and criteria.

At the core of PAS 56 is a BCM lifecycle which shows that BCM is continuous cyclical process.

The BCM lifecycle from PAS 56

RAC is authorized to translate into Czech and publish the standards for Business Continuity Management PAS 56 in the Czech Republic.

PAS 56 describes the activities and outcomes involved in BCM program development and implementation. PAS 56 provides recommendations for good practice and evaluation criteria.

Without PAS 56 compliance, companies may find it difficult to win business as they cannot guarantee continuity of service, should their systems go off-line for a substantial period of times.

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